Originally created 11/10/99

Supports students' discussion group

Shame on The Chronicle for characterizing a student-founded Women's Issues Discussion Group at Lakeside High School as "controversial" (news story, Nov. 6).

Congratulations, however, for the title that piqued my interest, resulting in a review of the article. I expected an expose on hate-groups, terrorist activities, on-line porn or something equally repulsive.

Instead, it was a description of a group of young people meeting to discuss socially relevant issues! Shocking, no? With all the descriptions of Generation-Xer's apathy and "lack of identity," this group is a refreshing exercise in social consciousness.

I don't question Lakeside's newspaper editorial practices; I do, however, encourage the Women's Issues Discussion Group to circulate its own newsletter. Then, let's watch how the administration handles that.

Keep up the good work, Arika Cohen and Paige Smith!

Pam Evans, New Ellenton


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