Originally created 11/10/99

Hits NAACP 'racist' attack on flag

(Editor's note: The writer is the Commander of the B/G Barnard E. Bee Camp No. 1575, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Aiken, South Carolina.)

Re the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People:

Exactly what does the removal of the Confederate battle flag from above the South Carolina Statehouse have to do with the advancement of colored people?

When and if that glorious banner should be lowered, how many prison doors will be flung open so that their beloved sons, brothers and fathers will be released? How many hungry black children will be fed? How many neighborhood crack houses will be closed? Will the addicts be cured? How many unwanted pregnancies will be prevented? Will the homeless have to spend another night on the streets?

Just what "advancements" will be gained by lowering the Confederate battle flag? The NAACP is racism in its purist form. The group is not interested in improving the lives of African-Americans. It has set its sights on the removal of the Confederate battle flag and that is all that it cares about. It does not have its priorities in order.

The Confederate battle flag that flies over the Statehouse is a memorial to all the Confederate soldiers. It has nothing to do with slavery. Slavery was more abundant and lasted longer under the U.S. flag.

When I gaze upon the battle flag, and that is what it was during the War Between the States, a battle flag, I think about all the misery and suffering that the Confederate soldier endured. That was a horrible time for the soldier and the families at home. The bottom line is, the Confederate battle flag should remain flying above the Statehouse. The public is tired of the NAACP's strong arm tactics.

Eugene Barron, Aiken


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