Originally created 11/09/99

Blasts airport security at Bush Field

After returning a rental car to Bush Field Airport, it was necessary for me to walk a good distance to my car which was parked in the long term parking area. Since it was about 10:30 p.m., I felt uneasy about walking that distance alone to my car, which was parked near the exit road leading out of the airport.

I went back inside to ask the Airport police about who was on patrol outside the airport terminal and if that person could patrol around the long term parking area. The security office on duty told me that was not their responsibility, and I was on my own.

How absurd! If their responsibility for policing the airport ends once you exit the airport terminal, then they should have signs posted when exiting the terminal area that states that you enter that area, outside the terminal, at your own risk.

Any area within the perimeter of the Bush Field Airport should be their responsibility. What a false sense of security.

Shari L. Mosley, Williston


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