Originally created 11/05/99

I dumped Dorsey: Week 10

When the I Dumped Dorsey staff members won the first nine games last week, we were obviously ecstatic. When we won three more to tie our best record this season, we were thrilled and relieved. Finally, the hard work, the retreats, the road trips had paid off.

So we threw our staff an in-house party, complete with Winn Dixie cake and streamers.

Then we were told that 115 people dumped us, and we slumped to the floor. How is this possible? The last time we won 12 games, only one person had the incredible foresight to top us. That was in Week 2.

Here we are in Week 10, and it's obvious to our staff that you, the picking public, is getting smarter. How else to explain four competitors -- Fred Andrea of Aiken, Glenn Cockrell of Aiken, Bruce George of Swainsboro and Marlon Montenegro of Augusta -- scoring the first perfect week of the season?

"There's a lot of luck involved, and I don't think I'll do as well this week," said a humble George, 67, a winner four times this season. "Don't take this personal, but I told my wife that Rick had one of his better weeks, and I still kicked his butt."

Get in line, Bruce. The good folks around the Augusta area have done their fare share of dumping. Thankfully for my ego, we're in the home stretch of choosing. I think our staff can endure three more weeks of humiliation.

Last week: 12-3 (9-0 colleges, 3-3 pros); Overall: 95-40 (65-20 colleges, 30-20 pros).


Georgia Tech over Virginia: The legitimate Heisman contender, Joe Hamilton, defrocks the bogus one, Thomas Jones.

Clemson over Duke: Tigers fans are thinking Micron/PC bowl after beating Blue Devils.

Georgia Southern over Furman: You can get 11 guys from the neighborhood and beat North Carolina.

Tennessee over Notre Dame: Can you believe Lee Corso actually will be in Knoxville for this one? He'll need triple security.

Arkansas over Ole Miss: Winner goes to Shreveport, loser to Nashville. Who's the real winner?

Nebraska over Texas A&M: One team is slumping, the other is collapsing. And this is the best the Big 12 has to offer?

Purdue over Wisconsin: Haven't picked the Badgers all season, so why start now?

Michigan State over Ohio State: The Spartans have had a week off to spew and will take out frustrations on the Buckeyes.

Virginia Tech over West Virginia: Are the Hokies 1999's version of an inflated Kansas State team? Nope.


Jaguars over Falcons: One of these teams will be playing in the Georgia Dome in January. One hint: It won't be the Dirty Birds.

Panthers over Eagles: There are no winners in this game, only bigger losers.

Colts over Chiefs: With a little growing up, the Colts could be undefeated.

Rams over Lions: After a hiccup at Tennessee, St. Louis's assembly line offense cruises through Detroit.

Redskins over Bills: This beating may be as bad as the one in Super Bowl XXVI.

Dolphins over Titans: Miami may not have Marino, but they've got Mare.


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