Originally created 11/05/99

Raps paper for 'under-age' reviewer

I don't usually read the "Xtreme" section of the paper, but I have a teen-age daughter and found the article on the HOPE scholarship interesting. I also, however, happened to see the review by Brian Jones on the movie American Beauty. The review was fairly well written and his summary of this "R" rated movie included reference to the movie's heavy profanity and scenes of actors' nude backsides and bare breasts. The disturbing part is that Brian Jones is a 15-year-old.

I can only assume that because "R" rated movies require accompaniment by a parent or guardian if under 17, Brian's parents took him to see this trash. Otherwise, Brian sneaked into the movie.

Worse still The Chronicle seems to encourage this type of behavior by allowing a 15-year-old to write a movie review on a movie the kid shouldn't be allowed to see in the first place.

No pun intended, but what's wrong with this picture?

Mike Toomey, Augusta

(Editor's note: Brian was accompanied by his mother.)


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