Originally created 11/04/99

Two wins & a runoff

The power of the old Cracker Party that mismanaged Augusta government was broken in the 1940s. But occasionally since then new Crackers emerged to try their hand at serving themselves instead of the people. One, ex-Commissioner Hobson Chavous, attempted a comeback Tuesday -- but voters wisely and convincingly elected progressive Andy Cheek in south Augusta's Commission District 6.

Commissioner Freddie Handy, stung by charges that he neglects low-income neighbor-hoods in District 2, failed to garner over 45 percent of the vote against three challengers. He's in serious political trouble. The Rev. Marion Williams, who will challenge Handy in a Nov. 23 runoff, has emerged as an impressive candidate who is forging a biracial coalition of support.

In Tuesday's third race, the best of three good candidates captured the District 4 Commission seat. We congratulate Richard Colclough, appointed to the Commission last year, who won overwhelmingly.


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