Originally created 09/23/99

Serves notice he'll oppose video poker

... I tried to quit video poker, but couldn't. Once you've played these machines, it's so addictive you'll do anything to play again. It's like being a crack addict.

But I found peace and comfort, one night two years ago, after losing $4,500. I accepted the only help I'll ever need -- Jesus Christ as my Savior. And I have not looked back.

I read where (video poker advocate) Fred Collins said he was sick and tired of politicians and people with moral character telling him what to do. He even said he is a Southern Baptist and that there weren't enough "good people" and Christians to vote this out. Is he a hypocrite, or what?

He actually said the profits are all on the side of the operators, and the costs are incurred by families and churches and their communities.

Mr. Collins, this is one former loser who is serving notice on you and your cronies: Get ready for the battle of your life. If we don't vote this out Nov. 2, it will be because people are too unconcerned -- or deceived by your smokescreen tax and education gimmicks.

This time, maybe your multi-millions and bag of tricks won't be enough.

Vote no!

Howard Boyd, Langley


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