Originally created 09/23/99

Notes 'disrespect' in flag debate

People who praise Gone with the Wind as a great American novel, ignore the stereotypical portrait the novel projects of enslaved Africans. These people also ignore the incredibly inhumane manner in which enslaved Africans were treated.

People who can ignore the suffering of other human beings make only two statements: 1) They believe the people they ignore are less than human, and 2) they themselves are less than compassionate human beings. It is the same for those who would raise the Confederate flag over South Carolina. They too ignore the inhumane manner in which enslaved Africans were treated.

Essentially, raising the flag disrespects the history of Americans of African descent. Inevitably, if one does not give respect, one cannot expect to be respected. Some have tried to portray this as a black-versus-white issue. It should not be perceived as such. It should be perceived for what it is: One group of Americans blatantly ignoring and disregarding the sensibilities of a different group of Americans, in a nation that professes "justice for all."

Robert A. Daniels, Augusta


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