Originally created 09/23/99

Supports 'lone wolf' in Dist. 6 race

I would like to express my heartfelt support for the only person I believe will truly representthe Augusta Commission's 6th District: Andy Cheek.

He was the "lone wolf" standing up to the Richmond County Board of Education when "whole language" was being shoved down our throats. He was the conservative who led the Rollins PTA when the liberal PTA leadership wanted to ride the Goals 2000 bulldozer into every parent's home. He was the "bulldog" who led the Rollins Area Neighborhood Association against developers who wanted to do a "hit-and-run" and pack 100 patio homes onto 10 acres in the middle of a neighborhood. Mr. Cheek was there to lead other neighborhoods into organizing and he was also there to help build the Neighborhood Alliance. Andy was also there as an Emergency Management Agency team member when wildfire struck the "southside."

He was also there to coach baseball, soccer and football. He was there to teach kids about weather emergencies and to teach them how to ford the Savannah River.

Not only has Andy led in south Augusta, he has also learned to let other leaders do their jobs. He supported Randy Oliver after consolidation and he spoke up for emergency director Pam Tucker when politics trampled on common sense and good business sense. Andy Cheek knows when to lead and when to follow ...

Ralph Rohrer, Augusta


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