Originally created 09/22/99

Blasts Columbia Co. school dress code

The Columbia County School Board waits two weeks prior to school starting to vote on a dress code without parental input. Oh, they say they had a "safety team" advise them. I am doubtful, however, that this team was made up of anyone except for Board members and employees of the county system.

I attended the Aug. 24 meeting. The Board was not even going to allow parents to speak until we became abrupt and insisted. I think that if we look deep into the legal system, there is a law against this ...

Clothing is a safety issue? Get real. You are only inviting anger and poor self-esteem by not allowing kids to express themselves and by the ludicrous enforcement of "tucking in shirts." And what prompted the ruling not to allow cheerleaders to wear their uniforms on days of games or pep rallies? These girls have more than earned their right to wear these during regular school hours. They have since the inception of cheerleading.

If the uniforms are skimpy and do not meet the dress code, who do we have to blame but the Columbia County School Board and it's employees for picking skimpy uniforms?

I agree to a certain extent that we as parents have become very relaxed about the attire that our kids wear. However, we as a society are asking a whole lot more of them, educationally, than we did in the past. So why not be a little lenient with some other things. We as adults choose our style of clothing and wear what we feel comfortable in, why shouldn't they?

The Board definitely has opened Pandora's box and as a parent of a child in the school system, I'm jumping in. ....

Karen L. McCombs, Martinez


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