Originally created 09/16/99

Supports dress code in area schools

This is in response to those parents complaining about the recent dress code of Columbia County middle and high schools.

Come on parents wake up. First we demand that the Columbia County Schools keep our children safe from all the recent violence that has been plaguing our country. Then we complain when they try and initiate some safetly measures such as a dress code.

Do you realize how much paraphernalia can be "stuffed" into those baggy pants? At least with tucked-in shirts they are tighter and will hopefully allow someone to see a "foreign" object stuffed into a shirt; with shorter pants perhaps when the child sits down they will see a knife "tucked" into a sock. I may not understand why some of these (rules) are in place but I am grateful that officials are at least attempting to make the schools safe for my children. I would rather have my child inconvenienced some during these years, rather then picking out clothes for him to be buried in because of school violence.

You won't care about the dress code when you hand clothes to a mortician!

Ella-Mae Burke, Augusta

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