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Golfer finally gets her ring

Engraved on one side is a Greenbrier Wolfpack logo. On the other is her name above a lady golfer.

On the top of it is a diamond inside a jade stone surrounded by the words "1999 State Champion."

At a Sept. 10 pep rally at Greenbrier, Stephanie Quinn finally got her ring for winning the Class AAA girls state championship last year.

"I've had it for a month and haven't been able to wear it," Quinn said. "I had to wait for it to be presented to me."

This year, Quinn is looking to add two more rings. With the addition of Carrie Crawford, Greenbrier has its first girls golf team.

"I think Carrie and I can win the state easily," Quinn said. "Carrie is a great player and if I play like I did last year, I think we'll have a really good chance of winning it."

On May 10, Quinn set a new girls state record with a 1-under-par 71 at Indian Mounds Golf Course at Jekyll Island to win the Class AAA girls state title.

"It was pretty unbelievable," she said. "It was a day when I was walking on air and nothing was going wrong for me."

This summer, though, she's fallen from the clouds as her tournament scores have ranged from 74 to 86 in nine junior golf tournaments throughout the Southeast. However, she did win three of those events, including the Hampton Club Junior Classic at St. Simons Island, Ga., on Aug 3.

"I went out of town to get more recognition I guess," she said. "That way the coaches would recognize me more. I played in more national tournaments that they would be at."

Quinn has been contacted byOklahoma State, Kentucky, Florida State and Georgia State. She remains indecisive on her school of choice but hopes to figure that out soon.

"I hope to make (a decision) as soon as I can. It just depends basically on what's thrown at me," she said.

However, Quinn's heart could lead her back to Stillwater, Okla., where Oklahoma State is located and where she spent her first 16 years.

"There's a chance I might go back," Quinn said.

It was there that Quinn picked up the game of golf at age 14. Quinn found Stillwater Country Club to be a social gathering place among her friends. So she decided to play golf every day and gradually improved.

Then one day, seven-time PGA Tour winner Bill Glasson saw her teeing off.

"He said I had a good swing but where I hit the ball was not right," Quinn said. "I had a real bad slice then. He just started helping me getting that fixed and he did.

"What he did help me out on was hitting the ball more solid, and make more of a shoulder turn."

Glasson primarily assisted Quinn on her long game and now the results are showing. Quinn has found her length off the tee to be an asset as she came close to driving a couple of par-4 holes in the Region 3-AAA tournament last year in Statesboro. Even now, she can reach all the par-5s at Forest Hills Golf Course in two shots from the women's tees.

"If my driver is going good, then I'll score pretty good," said Quinn, who averages 240 yards off the tee. "It depends on what kind of day it is."

It was a good day for Greenbrier last summer when the Quinn family moved to Columbia County. Quinn's mother, Elaine, did some research and the family decided that Greenbrier would be Quinn's school.

"As far as girls go, we were very fortunate Stephanie picked our school," Greenbrier golf coach Bubba Nash said. "She's the reason we have girls golf."

And after playing golf with the boys last year, Quinn now has a partner to team up with on the course.

"It seems like Carrie will be just as dedicated as Stephanie is," Nash said. "I think we now have a girls golf team that can compete with anybody."

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