Originally created 09/15/99

Pounces on distorted pope remarks

Well done, Wormwood. Your latest media blitz went beyond clever and masterful. It was down right diabolical! Imagine -- having the major news agencies misquote the pope as saying there is no hell. Those humans consumed that tripe faster than a gallon of non-caloric Haggen-Daz. Won't ole Beelzebub be proud? (Excerpt from Screwtape's demonic chatroom -- with apologies to C. S. Lewis, author of The Screwtape Letters.)

Because many news sources misconstrued the pope's recent teaching about hell, some even quoting him as saying it did not exist, it is necessary to examine what actually was said.

In his July 28 general audience, Pope John Paul II reaffirmed the Roman Catholic Church's teaching concerning the existence of hell and its eternity. "Hell is not a punishment imposed externally by God, but the conditions resulting from attitudes and actions which people adopt in this life. It is the ultimate consequence of sin itself ... More than a physical place, hell is the state of those who freely and definitely separate themselves from God, the source of all life and joy. So eternal damnation is not God's work but is actually our own doing."

The pope goes on to explain that the reality of hell should not be a cause of anxiety but, rather, a reminder that human freedom has to be conformed to the example of Jesus, who always said "yes" to God, who conquered Satan, and who gave us his Spirit so that we too could call God "Father."

Wormwood and his cronies are hard at work spreading lies, trying to separate the children from their heavenly Father's embrace. Wormwood will never experience the joy and peace of a union with the God who made him -- and that's the hell of it.

Kathy Edry, Augusta


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