Originally created 09/15/99

Supports 'clean' candidate for 2000

In view of the recent Iowa straw poll, I find it interesting to read that Republican candidate Gary Bauer came in fourth place.That's very exciting news. ...

I have followed Mr. Bauer for many years and feel he is probably the best-qualified and most moral, ethical person who has run for the presidency in many, many years.

For those not familiar with Mr. Bauer, may I give you a bit of information and ask that you pursue it further before making your decision on the best candidate for the next president.

Born in 1946 in Kentucky, Mr. Bauer was married in 1972. He and his first and only wife have three children. He has a bachelor's degree from Georgetown College in Kentucky and a law degree from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Bauer is a long-time admirer of former President Ronald Reagan (since 1964) and, though he considers himself basically conservative, he is very straight when expressing his beliefs and doesn't back down; he runs a clean race! In March 1999, Mr Bauer stated,"Millions of Americans are hungry for someone to, without shame, defend their values."

A pro-life advocate, he has some very sensible views on taxes, foreign affairs and other government issues. He is hiding nothing from his past or present -- again, a clean candidate running a clean race.

Barbara Page, Tennille


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