Originally created 09/14/99

Offers suggestion for grand jury

According to the Sept. 9 Chronicle, the grand jury subpoenaed all the Augusta commissioners to appear Sept. 14. For some reason the grand jury is unwilling to comment on the reason for the appearance.

Allow me to speculate. Could it possibly be to investigate the chance that politics interferes with business in our fair city? If this is the case, please don't stop your investigation at one commissioner's son in one department.

Allow me to suggest a way to thoroughly investigate and save time. Look into the departments experiencing the most problems. See if a connection exists between the degree of political intermingling and ineptness. How about it, (grand jury forewoman) Margaret Dunstan? Is this just a token "scratch the surface" effort, or do you really want to know just how big of a problem you're exploring?

William R. Blount, Augusta


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