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Tuesday morning quarterback

Let's play a little Tuesday Morning Quarterback, shall we.

* You think the folks in the Atlantic Coast Conference are smiling this morning after its genius decision to move the league's Game of the Year -- Georgia Tech at Florida State -- to the schedule's second week? And in prime-time, no less.

That said, even with Joe Hamilton and the Jackets playing the perfect offensive game, they still couldn't keep up with the Seminoles. The loss was Harvey Haddix-esque. If Tech couldn't beat them playing perfectly, how can anyone?

Looks like the only team capable of beating FSU is ... FSU. We have to wait till Nov. 20 for the visit to The Swamp.

Hamilton, accounting for five touchdowns and more than 400 yards of total offense Saturday night, should be given the Heisman Trophy as a nice consolation prize.

* Watched the Georgia-South Carolina ESPN2 replay in Sunday evening's wee hours. I needed something to put me to sleep.

The Bulldogs' Tennessee countdown is at T-minus four weeks. Four weeks to find efficiency in a ragged offense. The Quincy Carter chuck-and-duck, and Charles Grant at tailback are not the answers.

The SEC's tiers may have been widened in gap. Consider how the second-tier schools, i.e. Ole Miss, Mississippi State, LSU, Kentucky and Auburn, have struggled against double-digit underdogs at home. It raises concerns about the conference's future power ratings in the convoluted BCS rankings.

* Clemson's win over Virginia would not have happened a year ago employing the Tommy West plow-ahead style of offense. The Go-Go-Go Tigers will win games they're not supposed to, like Saturday's 33-14 game, especially if confronted by defenses thin or young in the secondary.

* LaVar Arrington, pick on someone your own size. Next time you rough up a punter, your scholarship should be revoked.

* One man's Heisman race, two weeks in: 1. Peter Warrick, who does everything for Florida State except get tackled; 2. Hamilton, who needs to double at free safety; 3. Drew Brees, Purdue's quarterback with a fuzzy facial birthmark; 4. Shaun Alexander, the SEC's best player; 5. Ron Dayne, the slow Wisconsin back accruing mediocre numbers against low-level foes.

* Notre Dame may be 3-0 if it conserved timeouts.

* The Pac-10's best nonconference victories this season come against Hawaii, Rutgers and Nevada. The losses? To Penn State (Arizona), to Ohio State and the law (UCLA), to Michigan State (Oregon), to BYU (Washington), to Nebraska (Cal, the "Pac-10's best defense") and to Texas (Stanford).

In need of a serious P.R. overhaul, the West Coast boys look to Oregon State, of all teams, as they entertain Georgia Southern, I-AA's top-ranked team.

* Speaking of BYU-G-L-Y, call Mr. Blackwell. Just what kind of sartorial statement are the Cougars trying to make with those blue-streaked uniforms? They're on ESPN again Thursday.

* The Practice better than The Sopranos? I've got three words for that: Fuhgedabotit.

* You've got to feel for all those J-E-T-S fans who thought Vinny T would be the man to bring them to a Super Bowl. Sorry. Who am I kidding? Who feels for Jets fans?

Hey, Gang Green still has Tom Tupa and Rick Mirer, right?

* Walk the plank, Trent Dilfer.

* You Dirty Birds fine with Tony Graziani for a couple of weeks?

For the Falcons' and Morten Andersen's sake, at least the kicker made the more important game-deciding field goal against the Vikings, that coming in January. The one he missed Sunday will be quickly forgotten.

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