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Aiken's Makin' lures crowd

Hundreds of onlookers cheered when the Southland Express cloggers took the stage Saturday at the 23rd Annual Aiken's Makin' Arts and Crafts Show.

"Riverdance doesn't have anything on them," said Aiken resident Ray Hannah, with a laugh.

More than ten different acts stepped onto center stage under a hot sun to entertain masses of people milling through 250 crafters creations. Nearly 30,000 people were expected to attend the two-day festival that began Friday.

"There's a really good crowd out here," said clogger Deana Smith. "There's a lot to do and see."

Southland Express cloggers, ranging in age from four to 50, showed off their moves in brilliant blue outfits. Another local group from Aiken Gymnastics also performed.

"We've been having fun today," said gymnast Savina Krizova, who was dressed as a clown. "We had a huge response from the crowd."

Beautiful weather lured many people out of the house, including Aiken resident Bruce Martin.

"It's a nice day to be outdoors," said Mr. Martin, who brought his family to the festival. "We're lucky to have such great weather."

Saturday's high temperature of 90 degrees was tolerable, prompting many people to head for the food, vendors said.

"I think we're a lot busier than last year because it's not as hot. Nobody wanted to eat when it was 100 degrees," said Kathy Monahon, who sold chili dogs and taco salad to benefit the Aiken Women's Club. "I bet we'll sell out of food in the next hour."

Crafters also enjoyed the business.

"Everyone looks on Friday and buys on Saturday," said Chattanooga, Tenn., resident Meg Lance. "I've been busy all day."

Debbie Quattlebaum of Aiken left with a full shopping bag.

"There are a lot of good holiday gifts here," Mrs. Quattlebaum said, while resting in the shade after her shopping spree. "And a wonderful, down-home atmosphere."


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