Originally created 09/12/99

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ABC, NBC, and CBS use movies to lure prime-time viewers away from the Emmy Awards on Fox.

ABC offers Sabrina Goes to Rome, starring Melissa Joan Hart against some stunning architectural backgrounds (7-9 p.m. WJBF-TV, Channel 6).

NBC offers Braveheart, Mel Gibson's 1995 film about Scotsman William Wallace's battle against British tyranny (7-11 p.m., WAGT-TV, Channel 26).

CBS shows Goodfellas, Martin Scorsese's 1990 exploration of organized crime (8-11 p.m., WRDW-TV, Channel 12).

American Playhouse presents An American Love Story, a five-night, 10-hour documentary on the lives of an interracial couple with two daughters. The relationship of blues musician Bill Sims and corporate manager Karen Wilson is distilled from more than 1,000 hours of footage. It continues through Thursday (9 p.m. PBS, WCES-TV, Channel 20; WEBA-TV, Channel 14).


Forget Dick and Jane. It's Michael and Emily, according to statistics from the Social Security Administration on the names most often bestowed on babies last year. After Michael, says a USA Weekend report on the data, top boys' names were Jacob, Matthew, Joshua, Christopher, Nicholas, Brandon, Tyler, Andrew and Austin. After Emily came Hannah, Samantha, Ashley, Sarah, Alexis, Taylor, Jessica, Madison and Elizabeth.


Most of you check your romantic feelings when you check into a hotel. Sixty-three percent of travelers say that a good night's sleep is the most important service a hotel can provide, a survey by Westin Hotels & Resorts says. Sleep is so important that more than twice as many travelers said they'd take a great night's sleep over great sex.


Four episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond, all season finales, will be shown Monday night. Raymond has been on for only three seasons, but the finale in 1998 had two parts. (8-10 p.m. CBS, WRDW-TV, Channel 12).

Monday Night Football returns for its 30th season, with the Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos playing host to the Miami Dolphins. On this year's broadcast team are play-by-play veteran Al Michaels, analyst Boomer Esiason and reporter Lesley Visser (9 p.m. ABC, WJBF-TV, Channel 6).


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