Originally created 09/12/99

Key Aiken vote Tuesday

District 3, comprising much of Aiken's west side, is the only City Council seat being contested in Tuesday's election; even so, voters there ought to take notice. It could be a lollapalooza.

Usually the incumbent, in this case Karen Papouchado, has a big advantage in a small, low-profile election like this. But we wouldn't be surprised to see her ousted by respected businessman and city planning commission member Don Sprawls.

Papouchado's main problem is hypocrisy on the tax issue. After voting for the restaurant/hospitality tax and other controversial levies and fees during her first term, she launched her reelection campaign promising to hold the line on taxes.

Sprawls, of course, also vows to hold down taxes. The job for District 3 voters is to decide who they believe.


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