Originally created 09/12/99

Seeks less whining, more activism

It's time for the crying about school uniform and dress codes to stop. People who have a problem with the uniform policy in Richmond County and the dress code in Columbia County need to just get over it. The boards of education in these counties are only following the indications they get from the voters.

What are our elected officials to think when you have given over control of every other aspect of your life to the government? No one had a problem when our state mandated seatbelt use. Nobody spoke up when they outlawed the age old treat of riding in the back of a pickup truck. Where was the outcry when they mandated helmet use for our children to ride a bicycle? What about motorcycle helmet laws which were voted on and passed by people who don't even have motorcycles?

At every turn people are forced into government programs they have no need for. We are all forced to participate in the federally mandated retirement program called Social Security. We must all join the federal retirement health insurance program known as Medicare at age 65, regardless of what health insurance one may already have. Think of all the things that governments do to and for us that we should be doing for ourselves.

All of these different laws and programs sound like good ideas. However, what it amounts to is the government legislating every aspect of our lives. If you want to prevent these types of things from happening in the future, you need to take a more active role in our self-government process.

Let us not allow the government free reign over our freedoms anymore. We are still in control of our own destiny in this country, let's act like it.

Russell A. Wilder, Evans


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