Originally created 09/12/99

Scathes candidate Green for mobility

Enough is enough. Just when you thought you heard the last of Brian Green, he surfaces again. This time he's moving the old U-Haul truck to yet another Augusta-Richmond County Commission district to seek political office. After political failures in District 8 and District 1 elections, he's now attempting to use his famous end-run strategy on District 4.

Mr. Green touts his leadership and initiative. Yet this is the same person who ran for office in three different districts in the last five years. He has not stayed long enough in any one district, especially District 4, to demonstrate any kind of leadership or initiative, even at the lowest level.

He talks about our schools, crime, children and seniors. Yet he has no proven track record of community service or involvement anywhere, including Districts 8, 1 and 4. Mr. Green talks about our water shortage, yet has not been here long enough to flush a toilet, let alone turn on a faucet.

He's an outsider, hoping to become an insider at District 4 voters' expense. He's like the energizer bunny -- he keeps on running and running and running. Soon he will run out of districts. ... Word has it Columbia County is next. I guess that's why they're rushing to pave the way on Bobby Jones Expressway: preparing for the old U-Haul and Mr. Green.

James Lett, Hephzibah


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