Originally created 09/12/99

Praises wealthy who share riches

I have read many wacky articles, but the Sept. 4 guest column by Dr. Andrew Bernstein relative to Bill Gates is the most idiotic I have ever read.

If Andrew Carnegie had not given us libraries our entire nation would be poorer indeed.

The Red Cross, The Salvation Army, churches, hospitals, colleges, universities, and many humanitarian institutions could not operate without givers.

Those gifted in making money should make all they can, but they should share their wealth for the benefit of humanity. Mr. Gates has made lots of money, and he surely has taken care of himself and his family, as he should, but he is to be commended for his desire to share his wealth with others.

R.G. LeTourneau, who gave away 90 percent of his income, said there are two kicks from money: one when you make it, and two when you give it away.

I dare say that Mr. Bernstein would not have a job with the Ayn Rand Institute if it were not for some generous giver.

God bless the generous givers, and may their tribe increase.

C.A. Dabney, Augusta


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