Originally created 09/12/99

Urges support for S.C. video poker

I believe it is possible for some people to become addicted to playing video poker machines. They may neglect their families for their own selfish desires.

There are also people addicted to soap operas. Are we going to make television or soap operas illegal? What about "shopaholics"? Are we going to outlaw their credit cards? How many families are in need because of credit card abuse? Some have lost everything in bankruptcy court. The credit card industries are still going strong. Some folks are addicted to food, the Internet or alcohol. Can all of these businesses be done away with?

Schools and other organizations sell raffle tickets. "Take a chance" they say. Not everybody wins.

Think about unemployment. Think about where the money that the state of South Carolina receives from video poker will come from if this industry is voted out. Then think about how many families you are willing to support when their source of income is taken away.

I do not believe that there are enough jobs out there to employ all of the people who are now employed by the video poker industry. Think about our freedom of choice. Think about all of these things. Then vote "yes" on Nov.2.

Martha Lee, Beech Island

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