Originally created 09/12/99

Rebuts anti-evolution theory arguments

I would like to respond to Jane Dennis' recent letter concerning evolution. The points she made attempting to refute evolution are either wrong or misleading:

1."Evolution is not based on fact." Wrong. The fact of the existence of hundreds of thousands of fossils supporting evolutionary theory indicate otherwise.

2."There is no witness or written record." Misleading. Obviously, there is no written record prior to historical times, but the Bible did not appear until well after the historical era began and cannot be considered "written record" either.

3."Evolution is not repeatable and cannot be seen in the present." Wrong. Evolution is demonstrated presently in animal breeding, plant husbandry, bacterial resistance to antibiotics, and many, many more.

4."The fossil record is incomplete and questionable." Misleading. There are obviously gaps in our knowledge of the past as there are in any historical or scientific study.

5."Much of this theory was proven untrue years ago but evolutionists repress the evidence against it." Wrong. The theory has not been proven untrue and there is no "vast evolution conspiracy."

Creationists begin with the belief in creation and adapt facts to support this belief. They will ignore any facts that conflict with their beliefs. Evolution is not a belief system. Evolutionists have observed the facts of the natural world and have found that evolution best explains those facts.

When a new theory comes along that more adequately explains the observed facts, I am sure that 99 percent of the scientists will embrace that theory as they now embrace evolutionary theory.

J.A. Brown, Augusta

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