Originally created 08/31/99

Calls uniforms a 'Band-Aid' solution

I am opposed to a public school mandating a uniform policy. We pay our taxes and my children have complied with past dress codes, even though the codes were not enforced. The current policy seems to be a "Band-Aid" effort to mend a hurting and frightened nation.

My feelings are that you teach your children the Bible, which reminds us that we will always have the poor among us. How do you teach your children to address this fact? That there will always be someone with more or less? Whether it may be money, intelligence, physical attributes, emotional stability, spirituality etc. How must we respond, because we are not all the same? Again the Bible commands "Love one another."

I desire my children to express their individuality -- use their talents. I believe this nation would have never formed or become strong had it not been for the rugged individuals who prevailed and settled and formed this country. I looked at the uniforms despite the socialistic connotation it implies, and was surprised to find you could get a uniform from Tommy Hilfiger to Wal-Mart brand. So what's the point? Also, some children will wear $200-plus tennis shoes and others will don Pay-Less. Que sera sera.

It is nothing but an added expense to an already burdened people. I'm already expected to buy everything from soap to Kleenex and paper products, etc., for the classroom. Also the PTA, which has become a predominant fund-raising organization, will raise monies for a host of things such as copiers and other equipment and things for the schools.

Kathy Lewis, Augusta

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