Originally created 08/31/99

Suggests 'more equitable' tax system

Talk to our representatives in Washington and they say the present tax system needs to be reformed. However, they sit on their backsides and do nothing except raise their salaries.

Both parties have a simpler and more equitable system that would be fairer all over. I know because I told each party my plan which works as follows -- use a figure of $340 million as a starter just to run the government. Since there are 538 electoral votes needed to elect the president, divide this into the $340 million and each electoral vote is worth $631,970.27. Take Delaware, which has 3 electoral votes. Multiply the 631 figure by 3 and Delaware's share to run the government is $1,895,910.81. This figure divided by number of Delaware voters in 1996 makes each Delaware voters' share $7.07 to run the government. California with 54 electoral votes multiplied by the 631 figure makes California's share $34,126,392.58. This figure divided by the number of California voters in 1996, or 9,646,062, and each California voter would pay $3.53.

As you can see with $340 million to run the government, the most any so-called taxpayer would pay would be $7.07. With a figure of 10 times the $340 million figure the amount goes to $70.70. At 10 times the figure, or $34 billion just to run the government and nothing more, the most any so-called taxpayer would pay would be $707.00. Which would you choose? You be the judge.

John Elliott, Hephzibah

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