Originally created 08/31/99

Applauds S.C. school superintendent

I teach third grade in the Aiken County public schools. I am black -- not African-American. ...

I have read numerous articles about the Allendale County public schools dilemma. The government should not do for the people what the people can do for themselves. The people cannot do for themselves in this case.

I applaud the effort by South Carolina's School Superintendent Inez Tenenbaum to effect improvement by any means necessary. After all, the overall objective is to improve educational opportunities for all children. I do not believe that race is a catalyst in this unprecedented takeover. However, it may very well be a byproduct.

As the former superintendent, shouldn't Dorothy Turbeville be held accountable for the failings of the district? Could it be that she was treading water awaiting retirement or securing a more lucrative position elsewhere. Either way she needs to answer questions about this whole matter. ...

Parents, if you can answer all questions about your child's homework, take a longer look at their school. If you cannot, they may very well be learning something. Either way, be actively engaged as a participant in their educational process.

Also let me respond to statement by the mayor of Allendale, Rev. Robbie Dix, that "a predominantly white, former school board focused on advancing their political agenda rather than promoting academic excellence." Finite resources call for things to be prioritized. Every politician I have seen is trying to promote his own agenda. That is why they run for office, Mr. Mayor.

Ron Harrison, Aiken


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