Originally created 08/30/99

Urges support for animal shelter

I was amazed that anyone could find something wrong with Elaine van der Linden's letter concerning the welfare of the animals at the Richmond County Shelter. I am referring to Dave Caddell's Aug. 20 letter, where he seems to have more sympathy for the government than its citizens and pets.

As far as Mrs. Van der Linden, "doing her part," Mr. Caddell doesn't know what he's talking about. He is the whiner. Mrs. van der Linden has seven cats, all rescued from shelters and all spayed and neutered. I also know she has paid vet bills for people who could not afford them. Mr. Caddell says that spaying and neutering is "Not that expensive." It is at least $30 to neuter a male cat and $90 to spay a female cat. With so many people on limited incomes who love cats and dogs, it is hard for them to pay for their own medical care and medicine.

I agree with Mrs. van der Linden that if our tax money can go to bailing out a billionaire, like Ted Turner, we should demand help with our vet bills!

Mr. Caddell says any animal shelter built is the result of irresponsible citizens. I have never noticed a letter from him concerning an irresponsible and self-serving government that throws our tax money away, left and right. As taxpayers, we have a right and duty to question where our money goes, and I also would like to know, where is the money for this new animal shelter?

Maybe Mr. Caddell would be willing to lend financial assistance to spay and neuter some of these animals, since he is so afraid of the government having to lend a hand. If he could help, then our government will have more of our tax money to give Ted Turner, if his buffalo meat doesn't sell next year! I hope many people will join Mrs. van der Linden in writing letters of support for the animals in our area.

James Connell, North Augusta


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