Originally created 08/30/99

Offers solution to violence in U.S.

We seek a solution to what is wrong with America, which leads the world in violence and murder -- a nation that would pay an illiterate ball player $15 million a year and a pastor, or teacher, perhaps $45,000.

This nation has named a Supreme Court that directs us not to mention Jesus Christ in the system that educates our children.

We must admit our sinful nature and absolute defiance of Jesus Christ, the Master of the universe. When we submit to a system that calls itself correct in teaching our children that any religion is equal and that Christ is not the only way, truth and light, then we have yielded to the sin of defiance almost as bad as blasphemy against the Holy Ghost.

Our actions, as well as our words, have led us down the road to destruction. We are led by the likes of President Bill Clinton, and some (but not all) legislators who only seek re-election at any and all cost -- who submit to greed which has made America a land of violence.

To grasp a solution to our problems I beg you to grasp and live with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

James K. Ellis, Jackson, S.C.


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