Originally created 08/30/99

Agrees moreY2K info needed

Re the Aug. 23 letter by Lamar Rush concerning local education on preparing for the Year 2000:

...For the past 15 months, as Year 2000 project director of the Medical College of Georgia, I have been traveling the United States and Canada giving presentations on Y2K preparations, primarily for the healthcare industry.

More recently I focused on area presentations (Red Cross, Golden Harvest Food Bank, Columbia County etc.) to help with public education and preparedness for the year 2000.

While The Chronicle has been most responsible in reporting on the issues, Mr. Rush's concern was that not enough has been done to inform the public on specifics of personal preparedness. ...(H)is point was very accurate. While a lot of focus has been on the big picture, not a lot has been done down at the personal level, unless one has attended one of the public forums offered by Columbia County. ...

Dwain Shaw, Evans


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