Originally created 08/28/99

Praises the Promise Keepers group

I recently had the opportunity to attend my very first Promise Keepers conference in Charlotte, N.C., and what a blessing it was to see so many men of different races and denominations come together under one roof and show their love for not only God but also for each other. It made me realize how wonderful it would be if the whole world became one church. Why not? There's only one God and one heaven.

I recommend Promise Keepers to every man and especially to those who are serious about keeping their families together and strengthening their lives. Promise Keepers allows you to examine your lives and see where you really stand with the Lord.

As for the atheists who were standing outside the coliseum protesting the event, why interfere with our beliefs and love for the Lord? But since they had nothing else better to do, I have a question for them. Since they have convinced themselves there is no God and that we happened by accident, with all the evil and hatred in the world today, why not believe in someone who stands for so much love and peace? What would be the harm in it?

Until we change the hearts of man, don't expect this world to become any better. Someone once wrote in to the newspaper that religion isn't the answer to the world's problems and I would agree with that to a certain extent. So, what is the answer? How about the love for God? Until we begin to love the One who first loved us, don't expect this world to become any better.

Wendell Johnson, Martinez


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