Originally created 08/27/99

Spencer Lindsay's 911 call

Spencer Lindsey: My mommy is just kneeling down on the floor and I .. could you come and help?

Dispatcher: Something's wrong with your mommy?

Spencer: Yes.

Dispatcher: Do you know your address?

Spencer: What?

Dispatcher: Do you know what your address is?

Spencer: 4445 Shadowood Drive.

Dispatcher: What's your name?

Spencer: Spencer Lindsay.

Dispatcher: What's wrong with your mommy now?

Spencer: I don't know.

Dispatcher: Is she there?

Spencer: What?

Dispatcher: Is she laying down?

Spencer: Yes.

Dispatcher: Your mommy is laying down?

Spencer: Yes.

Dispatcher: She won't wake up?

Spencer: No. Actually, she has her eyes open, but when I say something, she won't wake up.

Dispatcher: OK, she's got her eyes open, but when you say talk to her, she doesn't respond to you, she doesn't answer you back?

Spencer: I think she has a fever. I touched her forehead and it felt really hot.

Dispatcher: You think she had a seizure?

Spencer: No, a fever.

Dispatcher: Fever? You think she has a fever?

Spencer: Yes.

Dispatcher: She feels really hot? Has your mommy been sick?

Spencer: Not so far.

Dispatcher: OK, are you the only one there with your mommy?

Spencer: No. My brother's here too.

Dispatcher: Your dad is there?

Spencer: No, my brother.

Dispatcher: Your brother? How old is your brother?

Spencer: Three.

Dispatcher: Three? How old are you?

Spencer: Five.

Dispatcher: Your five?

Spencer: Yea, but I don't start school yet.

Dispatcher: But you haven't started school yet?

Spencer: Today, I meet my teachers.

Dispatcher: Today you get to go meet your teacher?

Spencer: Yes.

Dispatcher: OK, hold on just a minute, OK? ... Is your door unlocked?

Spencer: What?

Dispatcher: Is your front door unlocked?

Spencer: Yes, I'll open it and I'll look out the window and see when you are here.

Dispatcher: Hold on just a minute, OK.

Spencer: OK.

Dispatcher: I'm still here, but I've got to talk on the radio. Hold on a minute, OK? ... What's your name?

Spencer: Spencer.

Dispatcher: OK, I've got an ambulance on the way to help take care of your mommy. I've also got a deputy on the way.

Spencer: What?

Dispatcher: I've also got a police officer on the way over there.

Spencer: Say that again.

Dispatcher: I've got a police officer, a policeman. He's going to come over there too, OK?

Spencer: I would like him to come see how she's doing.

Dispatcher: You want him to come see how she's doing?

Spencer: Yea. They might figure it out.

Dispatcher: They might figure it out?

Spencer: I hope so.

Dispatcher: OK, well they'll be there in a few minutes, OK?

Spencer: And besides, I don't know what's wrong with her.

Dispatcher: You don't know what's wrong with her? She's still not talking to you, right?

Spencer: Yea.

Dispatcher: Are her eyes still open?

Spencer: What?

Dispatcher: Are her eyes open?

Spencer: Yea.

Dispatcher: They are open?

Spencer: Yea.

Dispatcher: But she's not talking?

Spencer: yea.

Dispatcher: She looks like she's sleeping with her eyes open?

Spencer: She's just like laying down. I tried a lot of loud things but they didn't work.

Dispatcher: You tried a lot of loud things but they didn't work?

Spencer: Yea. I had a big bucket and I had a pretend telephone and I ringed it, but it didn't work.

Dispatcher: You tried your loud bucket and your loud telephone but they didn't wake her up?

Spencer: Yea.

Dispatcher: What's your little brother doing?

Spencer: He's with me.

Dispatcher: He's with you in the house, right?

Spencer: Yea ... Bye.

Dispatcher: Why'd you say bye?

Spencer: Well, I don't need to talk anymore.

Dispatcher: Well I want to stay on the phone with you until they get there, OK?

Spencer: OK, but I need to look out the window.

Dispatcher: Well is your front door unlocked?

Spencer: I've got to go see.

Dispatcher: OK, well lay the phone down and go see, it's alright.

(goes to check the door)

Spencer: OK.

Dispatcher: You there?

Spencer: Yea.

Dispatcher: OK, the front door is now unlocked?

Spencer: Yea.

Dispatcher: They should be there in a few minutes, OK?

Spencer: Are you going now?

Dispatcher: No, I'm going to let you talk to Ryan now. He's another dispatcher, OK?


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