Originally created 08/27/99

Urges an end to aggressive driving

Your Aug. 21 article on "Augusta roads designated as trouble spot" should have stated, unequivocally, that the problem does lie with aggressive drivers. There is no excuse for aggressive driving. Those of us who have licenses can read the posted speed limits and we know the rules. But many of us choose to ignore them or consider them to be merely someone's opinion about speed limits, rather than the law.

To those who are looking for excitement and adventure on the roads, I challenge you to simply drive the posted speed limits every time you go somewhere for a period of a week. This challenge isn't for the faint of heart; you must be brave, and ignore the hostility you will encounter. But, as the driver following you fumes because you are driving the posted 30 mph on a neighborhood street, you might consider the force with which your vehicle would strike a child (possibly yours), even at that slow speed. Thoughts like these will permanently slow you down, if you have any feelings at all.

If you accept this challenge, hopefully a week will turn into a month and then a lifetime of safe driving, and the safety of our roads and neighborhoods will be restored. ...

Susan Pitts, Augusta

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