Originally created 08/27/99

Ponders socialism, spanking and guns

...Re the letters by Dr. William Reed and Davis Cheek concerning how advanced socialism is today:

Has anyone attempted to dispose of trash "legally" lately? Most of us have become accustomed to sorting our trash before putting it in the trash can, but you haven't seen "sorting" until you try to take it to the trash dump yourself. ...

I deplore seeing trash along the highway or dumped on someone else's property as much as the next person, but too stringent rules at the city trash dump is a major culprit. And like the attendant at the trash pile told me: "I don't make or even necessarily agree with the rules, I just enforce them." That's what socialism is all about; a system where the government is constantly encroaching upon the rights and will of the private citizens for what they decide is "for the greater benefit of the society as a whole."...

Re the letter by Dr. Nick Martinis regarding the Walter Williams column on spanking children:

I find nothing in Mr. Williams' column to assume that he believed in the wholesale whipping of children with no just cause. I am thankful that Dr. Martinis' mother's children, like millions of others, gave her no just cause to resort to an occasional spanking. However, all parents are not so fortunate. Statistics show that some children can be as abusive to parents and teachers as overbearing parents and teachers can be to children. The "Bible method" has always been to use only as much discipline as is required to bring the situation under parental control where it belongs.

What will it take for sincere but misguided adults to see that the kind of gun control being proposed today will ultimately lead to confiscation. Many criminals, murderers and thieves love to hear about people (even kids) shooting each other. Why? They know that in due time, all of their potential victims will be instructed to turn in their guns, rendering them totally defenseless. ...

Let's penalize the criminal, not the potential victims. But I fear socialism is too deeply entrenched to promote a true democracy.

J. F. Rodgers, Clearwater

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