Originally created 08/18/99

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Ever wonder if the prices at your regular grocery store are cheaper or more expensive than those up the street? Every Wednesday, Price Check offers price comparisons on goods at area stores. Prices below were checked on Tuesday. No coupons or discount cards were used.

This week: produce.

Stores visited are in North Augusta: Food Lion, 1743 Georgia Ave.; Kroger, 406 E. Martintown Road; Winn-Dixie, 401 W. Martintown Road; Bi-Lo, 111 Edgefield Road; and Publix, 334 E. Martintown Road.


Michael J. Fox stars in The Frighteners, a bizarre 1996 horror comedy about a psychic detective in pursuit of a most unusual serial killer. Directed by Peter Jackson of Heavenly Creatures fame and shot in New Zealand with Trini Alvarado, Jeffrey Combs and John Astin (8 p.m. Fox, WFXG-TV, Channel 54).

At midnight, Cinemax features The Best Man, an Oscar-nominated 1997 Italian comedy about a young woman who tries to avoid her arranged marriage after she falls in love with the best man.


Who does clean the bathroom anyway? A new study indicates that both husbands and wives are spending less time doing housework, suggesting that some goes undone. University of Maryland researchers found that the amount of time devoted to housework in the United States has fallen during the past 30 years. Most of the change is a result of women finding jobs outside the house, but the amount of time men spend on such chores -- which had been increasing -- has leveled off, too.


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