Originally created 08/17/99

Blasts telephone marketers' calls

I am seriously perturbed with the constant harassing phone calls by telemarketers. For the past three weeks, I have received numerous calls every day, all hours of the day and night, by an automatic dialer. When I pick up there is a click and it hangs up. To say that this is annoying would be an understatement considering that I addressed this problem last year.

My telephone is private property. I pay for the service which does not include being harassed by an automated system even though the phone company informs me that it is legal. I am not at their beck and call, nor do I want to be bothered by people trying to make a buck; it's not my job.

To correct the problem, I wrote to the address in the phone book to remove my name from the marketers' lists but it still didn't help. I called the company and added a trace feature -- but some systems have a block so you can't find out who they are -- which was another effort in futility.

I refuse to be at the mercy of machines any longer. I am writing to the FCC and my congressman to demand some changes.

The public should not be burdened with extra expense to stop these electronic vampires. I want the telecommunications industry to correct this problem.

I would suggest that they add an extra number to all telemarketers' phone numbers. This number could be blocked out at the customers' requests at no charge. They could also change all telemarketer phone rings to a double ring so we would know that it isn't an emergency. At any rate, we need a change.

Gregory J. Topliff, Aiken


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