Originally created 08/09/99

Backs Kling in Dist. 81 race

So the "powers that be" in the Republican Party in Aiken have spoken and endorsed Skipper Perry. Surprise! Surprise!

I love this city, but I'm tired of a privileged few having all the say so. It seems to me that if we elect him we will only perpetuate the status quo. We will be saying that we are satisfied with thing as they are.

... I think it's time people who are not in the "in crowd" have a say in city, county and state government. I want to vote for someone who is young and intelligent, who's open to suggestions and responsive to needs, not just obedient to the system. I want things to change in our city and state, not just for the sake of change, but for the better. ...

... If you will get out and vote for Kathryn Kling on Aug. 17, we can begin to change our government.

Arnetta Dunbar, Aiken


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