Originally created 08/09/99

Hits press 'silence' on KLA atrocities

Thankfully, the useless and destructive bombing of Yugoslavia is over! The United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization now face the daunting task of maintaining the peace in the region and pouring in tens of billions of dollars to rebuild what they have destroyed.

The efforts over the past four years to bring the Serbs, Croatian and Bosnian war criminals to justice are just artificial and pretentious shams. Further, the despicable Slobodan Milosevic is quietly solidifying his dictatorial position and can expect to achieve the same arrogant status as Saddam Hussein!

The atrocity pendulum has now swung in the opposite direction with the Kosovo Liberation Army now doing the same type of murders and slaughtering of innocent civilians; this with weapons supplied to them by the United States. The news media, however, has become mute and tongue-tied. No longer does one hear President Bill Clinton self-righteously proclaiming that "we cannot allow this to continue!"

While the bombing was in progress, the news media was reporting daily every rumor, nuance and gossip about Serb atrocities and Kosovar flight. Now, mass murders by the KLA are relegated to one paragraph articles inside the back pages.

Al Kotras, Augusta


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