Originally created 08/09/99

Turns off public TV after rhumba

In the past, I have been a fan of public television and radio. Even through the current criticism of it, I have been inclined to side with PBS against the politicians.

No more.

On Aug. 1, I turned on Georgia Public Television. Some dance competition was on. We like to dance, so we left it on that channel -- that is until the scantly-clad girl and her partner began to do what the announcer said was a rhumba (unlike any we have ever seen on a dance floor) to the Star-spangled banner!

In horror, I kept watching expecting somebody to stop them. Nobody did. The audience applauded. The show went on.

Our TV set was turned off.

It is highly unlikely I'll watch Georgia Public Television again, even though that means sacrificing my beloved "Britcoms"!

That or any kind of dance performed to the National Anthem is an outrage.

When the national anthem of any country is played, those present stand -- still.

Betty Timmerman, North Augusta


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