Originally created 08/09/99

Defends Norwood's vote against bill

In a recent letter, a gentleman from Hephzibah has taken U.S. Rep. Charlie Norwood, R-Ga., to task over his vote on HB 2122,which was defeated on June 18. However, the gentleman may be forgiven for his misunderstanding of events surrounding this tortured bill.

This piece of legislation and the tactical maneuvering associated with it constitute one of the most confusing issues ever debated in Congress.

Indeed, from minute to minute and hour to hour, one's position would change depending on which of the many amendments appeared likely to pass. The National Rifle Association pursued a strategy which we hoped would end in a bill that would not pass or which would be so amended as to preserve Americans' Second Amendment rights. The bill as originally introduced was one of the most draconian anti-Second Amendment bills ever cooked up by Bill Clinton and Sarah Brady.

However, the much-amended bill, as finally brought to a vote, was defeated by the very people who wanted it in the first place. Rep. Norwood and several other brave congressmen cast numerous tactical and strategic votes, which combined to produce the end result. A bill which did not make it out of the House of Representatives.

If anyone has any question about just what the bill really contained, one need only look to see who worked to defeat it in the end. The Clinton-Gore administration, Attorney General Janet Reno and Handgun Control all lobbied wildly to defeat this bill when it was brought to a final vote! Being on the opposite side of the fence from this group of people is a plus in my book.

I have known Rep. Norwood since the Republican primaries in 1994. At that time the Georgia Sport Shooting Association and the National Rifle Association endorsed him because of his unwavering position on the Second Amendment as well as the rest of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. In the ensuing years, he has not changed. Those who still believe in individual freedom and personal responsibility have a solid and reliable friend in Rep. Norwood.

Phillip A. Williams, Augusta


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