Originally created 08/09/99

Faults judo referee at Ga. Games

Some members of my team and I played in the July 24 Georgia Games judo event. We traveled from Shaw Air Force Base at Sumter, S.C.

My Daughter Kelly Sherwin was entered in two events and placed second in both.

My experience in judo begins in 1973 all the way to the present. I have met fame along the way and gained much knowledge from many people throughout the world. I even lived in Korea for a year and played with the best of the best.

My experience at the Georgia Games was very unfavorable for one reason. The referee was very pro-Georgia and took away from the spirit of competition, fairness, and honor.

I have reviewed the tapes over and over and it has become very obvious that when the contestant was from Georgia, or known to the referee, the scores were in his or her favor even when techniques were applied by the other contestant.

Children are taught that their biggest opponent is the referee and not the person standing in front of them.

William D. Sherwin Jr., Sumter


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