Originally created 08/08/99

Blasts editorials on visa cap, PBS

What is your intent? ... Do you wish to plunge your readers into ignorance by calling for the end of H-1b visas based on shoddy and self-serving evidence? Do you want to proclaim your sad state of hate by calling for the end of Public Broadcast Service subsidies because of "leftist" programs like Frontline? Have you ever watched Frontline? Do you know what you are doing, or are you deliberately trying to spread a little information as misleadingly and hatefully thin as you can?

Because so many local school districts are nickeled and dimed rather than studied and improved, we have graduates who are pathetically weak in math and science. Consequently there are not enough students studying these subjects in college which has lead to a work place shortage of the technically trained. This is common knowledge and can be confirmed by the placement offices of our local colleges. They, of course, may not be nearly as credible as "one 1998 study" you cite without any reference.

Faced with this intellectual shortage we are forced to use appropriately trained foreign students and admit them under the H-1b visa. I hate it as much as you, but the solution is not to weaken our economy by denying further entries. ...

In classic Chronicle form, you transform gross misconduct by a station in Boston into a case to end all funding for PBS. WGBH gave a list to the Democratic National Committee. This was wrong. Why do PBS and the hundreds of other stations come in to your moral scope? ...

I am new to Augusta, and I still cannot get used to this insultingly low level of discussion you set forth on your opinion pages. Do you assume that your readers are not intelligent enough to follow factual discussions of complicated issues and therefore appeal to emotional and moral sentiments? If a paper is an indication of the community it serves then it should surprise no one that this city has fallen behind the rest of the state in jobs and community development. ...

R. Scott Belford, Augusta


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