Originally created 08/08/99

Backs leash law and stiff fines

I am a pet owner and see lots of dogs running wild. My dogs get their shots every year, and when they are sick they go to the vet. When we go away, I pay for them to be cared for.

Yes, there should be a tag bought by the owners of the dogs. ... We lived in Indiana for three years and all animals have to have a tag and there are no warnings if they're not tagged; there are fines. ... There is also a leash lawand the animal problem is under control. For any fines that are issued, the money goes into a fund for all the shelters and the shelters are really taken care of. Maybe this should be considered as a way of controlling the problem.

If people get upset over the fines then they are doing things they shouldn't be doing ... Make stiff fines and hit people in the old wallet. If they want animals, then they should take care of them. ...

Mary Reese, Thomson

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