Originally created 08/08/99

Supports 'search for the truth' in case

Re the July 22 letter by Berry G. Doyle Sr. in which he says it would be an injustice to try Jason Kennedy for a fourth time:

Mr. Kennedy was tried three times for the murder of Caitlyn Cawthon. Each trial ended with a hung jury, or mistrial. Mr. Doyle wrote that a fourth trial would be a waste of tax dollars, an injustice to Mr. Kennedy, and that the charge of murder was a bogus one brought by law enforcement officers jumping to quick conclusions without a complete investigation. ...

As one of Caitlyn's grandfathers, I also submit a few opinions. I believe tax dollars are often wasted on much less important matters than the quest for truth and justice, that a fourth trial would only be an injustice to Mr. Kennedy if he were innocent and that a good defense attorney could ask just the right questions of a law enforcement officer to make it appear to some people that his investigation was not complete. ...

Another statement was that even the deceased baby's family feels Mr. Kennedy is innocent and wishes to end this bogus murder charge. Perhaps forgotten is that Caitlyn had two families -- one on her mother's side and one on her father's side. If indeed the mother's family believes in the innocence of a long-time family friend, the father's family has not embraced that innocence.

We did not ask District Attorney Danny Craig for further trials. All three trials were extremely painful for all those who knew and loved Caitlyn. We all wanted to believe that her life was not taken in an act of violence. We do, however, support the district attorney in his search for the truth. The injustice here would be the failure to find it.

Ron Cawthon, Evans


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