Originally created 08/07/99

Blasts letters for `specious voodoo'

It is absolutely incomprehensible to me that a legitimate news service would sully its editorial page with letters that consist of little more than chicken bone omens and hysterical augury.

Bill Clinton the Antichrist? I mean, come on! A cad, a creep, a perfunctory politician perhaps, but the Devil? What should we call him, Beelzebubba?

I would expect to find this kind of numerological necromancy in the grocery store check out counter, not at my doorstep. To include this kind of specious statistical voodoo in your paper does little to buttress the rest of your philosophies.

Will Rogers once said that there were three kinds of falsehoods -- "lies, damn lies and statistics." Not to mention, how many people could we find whose names, when subjected to the same creative accounting, also add up to "666" My prediction? A lot more than 666.

If it's numbers we want to worry about, let's start with our SAT scores. We seem to be having a devil of a time with those.

Jon Apple, Augusta


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