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As a Rhodes scholar, Olympic champion, professional basketball star and three-term Democratic senator from New Jersey, Bill Bradley has spent much of his life performing on the world's biggest stages. Now as his prepares for a run at the presidency, a Biography at 8 p.m. on A&E takes an in-depth look at the man who could be king.

How to Make an American Quilt -- A wonderful cast -- including Winona Ryder, Anne Bancroft, Alfre Woodard, Maya Angelou and Jean Simmons -- is the best reason to watch this 1995 adaptation of Whitney Otto's book about an aimless young woman who learns life's lessons from her grandmother and great-aunt's quilting bee (8 p.m. ABC, WJBF-TV, Channel 6).


According to a report in Details magazine, getting struck by lightning is a guy thing. Eighty-four percent of the 2,500 people who get struck by lightning each year are 10-to-35-year-old males, Details reports. If your hair is standing up, Details says, take cover. Ditto if your clothes are levitating from your body. And get away from the playing field, the phone, the shower and the computer. Make a run for the safest place, which is not under a tree.


Perfume, liquor and chocolate aren't all you can bring back from overseas duty-free. There's no tax on diamonds or other high-priced gems, either, as long as they're "loose" -- not set in rings or pendants. Other duty-free "loose" items, Travel Holiday magazine says, include pearls, unframed paintings and decorative antiques more than 100 years old -- as long as they don't violate the foreign country's laws on keeping such pieces within its borders.


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