Originally created 08/06/99

Minnesota postcards coming in

I felt like a gringo tourist in the Yucatan who had stumbled over a Mayan temple.

-- Robert Weaver

All I had to do was mention I needed some vacation postcards from Minnesota, and the mailbox was quickly full.

The Scholls write to say the weather is "hot like Georgia's."

Casey, Seth, Jonathan, Josh and M.J. send a card showing the Duluth, Minn., skyline. Arleigh and Tommy Mansfield send one from Austin, also known as Spam City. And "CL" writes from Minneapolis or "Mini-no-place."

Lavern and Thomas Shelton; Cecil and Pat Shelton; Pete and Vicky Shelton; Larry and Jackie Lamar; and Donald and Dorothy Manning are touring the Amish country of Ohio.

Carol and Don send three cards from Canada. "We are now in Nova Scotia and the heat wave here is still raging. it was 19 (degrees Centigrade) this morning."

Jim and Leslie Mills and Brian and Amy Munford of Augusta send a card from "Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville."

Jim and Joanne Tyler of North Augusta send greetings from the Adirondack Mountains, where they are "Celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary."

Irene Beasley of Louisville, Ga., sends our first card from North Dakota, where she is visiting four brothers, four sisters and other relatives.

Stu appears to be passing through Iowa. And Dot Aiken sends a card from Wichita, Kansas. She writes: "Twenty ladies from South Carolina, including Dot, Dottie and Pearl from Aiken county attending an educational conference."

The Cashes, Charlotte and James, send four cards from the Southwest. And from Arizona, a wonderful little weather gauge. It is a 2-inch-by-5-inch wooden block that shows the rear view of a mule. It is labeled "Weather Watch" and has these instructions. "If the tail is: Hot ... Sunny; Wet ... Rainy, White ... Snowy, Wiggling ... Windy, Missing ... Head for the cellar!"

* * *

TODAY'S RIDDLE: Gail in Hephzibah didn't send a postcard, but she did send a puzzler. Here goes:

Luke had it before. Paul had it behind. Matthew never had it all. All girls have it once. Boys cannot have it. Old Mrs. Mulligan had it twice in succession. Dr. Lowell had it before and behind and he had it twice as bad on his behind as before. (Answer Wednesday.)

* * *

TODAY'S JOKE: Comes from Jerry Wren of Augusta. He writes:

"During summer vacation at Hilton Head, I took two of my grandchildren to a puppet show. They and eight other children were picked to participate. After the show, all were asked -- from oldest to youngest -- to give their name and where they lived.

"Two were from the Augusta area. We also heard, among others: `Mike-Pittsburgh,' `Susan-Rhode Island' and `Bobby-Kentucky.'

"When the youngest (about 3) was reached, she spoke loud and clear: `Alison ... condo."'

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