Originally created 08/06/99

The tawdry Clintons

Just when the nation thought it would be focusing on Al Gore, George W. Bush and a host of other 2000 presidential candidates, Americans are again reminded that it has a dysfunctional "first family" that says it wants "privacy" yet insists on still talking about their sex lives.

Earlier this week in the tawdry Clinton soap opera, Hillary said Bill's bad family experience with his feuding mother and grandmother -- "abuse," she termed it -- caused her husband to chase women all these years.

Spare us!

Yet later this week, after public opinion clearly had turned against Hillary's "abuse excuse" psycho-babble, the president chimed in with spin control. He warbled that he still loved his mom and grandmother and that, yes, he thought he should be responsible for his actions.

Former top Nixon administration aide Harry Dent, in reviewing the just-released book titled Bill & Hillary: The Marriage, makes the apt observation that "Hillary lived around him all those political years. Notice I didn't say `live with him.' The book says they slept separately while he was sleeping elsewhere."

After reading the book, Dent remarks "you will wonder how they got out of Arkansas to take over the USA."

We couldn't agree more, because the book is full of new Clinton sexual escapades, in-cluding a relationship between Hillary and the late White House aide Vince Foster.

Hillary looked away from her husband's philandering because she seeks and wants power. Theirs is a "power marriage" of convenience. And now the next brazen goal is for her to be elected a U.S. senator from New York, where she has never lived. And perhaps, after that, America's modern-day Evita Peron could set her sights on the presidency itself!

What's the next episode in this soap opera? It will revolve around the people of New York.

Will its voters be duped into electing this wronged, feminist-celebrated saint, who has elevated the "abuse excuse" to an art form?


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