Originally created 08/05/99

Uniform, grooming policies inaugurated

School uniforms

Unless parents opt out of the Richmond County school-uniform policy, all elementary and middle school students in Richmond County will be required to wear navy or khaki bottoms -- pants (no jeans), skirts or shorts. Several schools have opted for white shirts only. Here is a list schools that will allow additional colors in tops or bottoms:

Middle schools

East Augusta Middle School: black or white shirts.

Hephzibah Middle School: red, white or black tops.

Murphey Middle School: navy, white, royal blue or light-blue tops.

Langford Middle School: navy bottoms, white, collared shirts.

Sego Middle School: gold, navy or white shirts.

Spirit Creek Middle School: royal blue, light blue, Kelly green or white tops.

Tutt Middle school: red, white or navy tops.

Elementary schools

Barton Chapel: white or blue tops.

Blythe: navy, khaki or black bottoms; white shirt.

A. Brian Merry: red, white or navy tops with a collar.

Clara E. Jenkins: blue, khaki or white shirts.

C.T. Walker: navy, white, burgundy or khaki tops.

Garrett: navy bottoms and white tops on Tuesday and Thursday. Khaki bottoms and navy tops: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Goshen: light blue or white shirts with a collar.

Hains: blue or white tops.

Hephzibah: any combination or red, white, hunter green, khaki or navy blue.

Hornsby: white or hunter green.

McBean: white or light blue.

Meadowbrook: white with blue, or burgundy.

John Milledge: white or navy tops.

Monte Sano: white shirts with a collar.

National Hills: white or blue tops.

Sue Reynolds: red or white tops.

Roy E. Rollins: red, white or blue tops.

Warren Road: white or light blue.

Wheeless Road: white or yellow shirts.

Wilkinson Gardens: any combination of navy and white

Windsor Spring: hunter green or white shirts.

Richmond County Alternative School: Black or navy bottoms and white tops

Dress and grooming policy

Students cannot wear emblems, insignias, badges or other symbols that distract other students or cause disruption or interference with school. The principal or other authorized personnel will determine whether any particular dress, apparel, grooming or emblems violate the rule.

Students also are expected to follow these guidelines:

Males cannot wear earrings. No student can wear jewelry in other visibly pierced body parts.

No extreme hair colors.

Coats and jackets should not be overly baggy and can only be worn during appropriate weather.

Shirts and blouses designed to be tucked in, including T-shirts, must be tucked into waistband of pants or skirts. No clothing advertising the use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs.

See-through garments, halter tops, spaghetti straps, backless dresses, tube tops, muscle shirts, bare midriff outfits or shirts or blouses that are tied or rise above the waist are not permitted.

Skirts, shorts and dresses must be fitted at the waist and should be worn at knee-level. Miniskirts are not allowed. Parents may use a dollar bill, held sideways, for a measurement of no more than 2 1/2 inches from the crease at the back of the knee.

Pants and shorts, including athletic uniforms, must be fitted at the waist and must not be baggy or frayed at the bottom. Unacceptable shorts include spandex-style "bicycle" shorts, cutoff jean or sweat pants, running shorts or see-through boxer-type shorts.

Belts must be secured at the waist and buckled. All straps should be fastened and sashes tied.

Shoes should have a heel or heel strap. Shoe laces must be tied. No house slippers or shower shoes.

No hats or head covers, including bandannas, may be worn in the building.

Sunshades or dark glasses can't be worn in the building, unless prescribed by a professional.

All high school students are required to wear and visibly display identification badges prepared by the school district.


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