Originally created 08/05/99

Notes non-affiliation in Dist. 81 race

I would like to respond to a July 31 letter. Apparently, the writer is somewhat confused. For the record, I am running under neither the Republican or Democratic banner. Instead, I seek the S.C. District 81 House of Representatives seat as a petition candidate.

While I certainly am not a new-comer to public service, I elected to throw my hat into the political ring for the first time because, like so many, I am fed up with the current state of politics. Simply put, the system is severely broken and I would like the opportunity to help fix it.

Some have interpreted my petition candidacy to mean that, in general, I dislike both Democrats and Republicans and what they represent, and therefore, have chosen to go the independent route. Nothing could be further from the truth. I hold in high esteem individuals willing to expose themselves and their families to personal attacks simply because they have strong convictions and are willing to act upon them in the name of public service.

However, I also believe governing should be about seeking the common good and that neither major party has a monopoly on virtue and morality. Unfortunately, this does not appear to be the order of the day as is explained best by the following excerpt from my "Contract with Aiken County," a document that outlines the basis of my candidacy and legisla tive agenda I will pursue:

"The average citizen, as reflected by low voter turnout, no longer believes he or she has a voice in government. While there are certainly exceptions, politicians of both major political parties seem more interested in catering to special interest groups in order to secure financial and political support, rather than faithfully representing their constituencies. This has created a political environment in which partisanship supersedes righteousness, duplicity prevails over truthfulness and self interest is placed above public service."

If elected, I promise to meet the challenges facing government in a forthright manner as the people's representative. ...

Scott Singer, Aiken


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